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Grow an Italian Herb Garden

Italian Herbs

Italian Herbs

Some of the most famous herbs come from Italy. These herbs are amongst the tastiest too and contribute to the renowned Italian cuisine. These herbs are mainly: basil, parsley, oregano, fennel, rosemary, garlic and sage.

Basil is widely used in Italy for cooking and adds flavor to many receipts. But it is not it’s only use because basil is very useful in the garden to other plants.

Did you know that planting basil next to your tomatoes or peppers will improve their flavor?

And also, basil has the can serve as a repellent for flies and mosquitoes. Just put a pot with basil on the window pane and you will not see a mosquito in the house.

Parsley is used not only in Italy but by many other cultures. Parsley plants are not easy to grow though. You’d be surprised to learn that parsley used to serve as breath mint before these were invented, as eating parsley after a meal helped to cover up the bad breath left over from eating a flavorful meals full of garlic, for example. This is why parsley was usually served at the end of a meal. This tradition is probably the reason why we still serve parsley as a garnish.

Oregano is a decorative and flavorful herb. It’s flowers are purple and they sprout out when the herb is mature. This is also the best time to harvest because it is most full of flavor when it has flowered.

Fennel seeds is used to enhance the flavors of Italian sausage. It is an easy plant to grow as it is a perennial plant. You will only need to divide and replant it every few years to fully enjoy it. Do note that the herb looses its flavor as it matures.

Rosemary plants have pretty little blue flowers. It is very beneficial to the garden as it attracts bees. It grows in large shrubs. It is a tough perennial plant but it does not like frost. So it will need to be protected during winter months.

Garlic is certainly the most used herb in Italy. It is a must in an Italian herb garden. It is easy to grow also. Garlic gloves can be planted in all kinds of gardens and will need very little attention. The good thing is that you can harvest the garlic and store it for a long time. They can be stored in the refrigerator or even be frozen.

Sage can be used as well in cooking meats as in salads. You find the most flavor in new shoots of sage. It is therefore wise to trim the plants frequently as it will encourage the growth f new shoots. Wait until the plant blooms before harvesting.

Italian Herbs

Italian Herbs

There are many plants that constitute an Italian herb garden. It might not be possible to grow all. You need to learn a little more about the growing conditions of each herb before you can assess if you can provide ideal surroundings. Italian herbs are a wonderful add on in cooking but they do also make amazing additions to the design of your garden thanks to their colors and their aroma.

By planting Italian herbs in your garden, you will be rewarded with the wonderful sent that will remind you of the Italian hill side. It will be like taking a trip to the country of the pope.

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